progeCAD 2019 update: Thông báo cập nhật bản vá lỗi progeCAD 19.0.10

Kính gửi Quý khách hàng,

4ctech xin trân trọng thông báo phiên bản vá lỗi mới progeCAD 19.0.10 đã chính thức được phát hành. Phiên bản này đã có nhiều cải tiến và khắc phục một số lỗi của phiên bản phát hành trước đó.
Đối với tất cả khách hàng đang sử dụng phiên bản progeCAD 2019 professional đều có thể cập nhật lên phiên bản mới này.
Vậy kính mong quý khách cập nhật lên phiên bản mới nhất này để sử dụng được tốt nhất.
Cách cập nhật như sau: chọn vào thẻ Help sau đó chọn Check for progeCAD update >> khởi động lại phần mềm progeCAD để cập nhật

Xem video hướng dẫn cập nhật progeCAD 19.0.10 chi tiết như dưới đây

Hướng dẫn cập nhật bản vá lõi mới nhất progeCAD 19.0.10

Những cải tiến và sửa lỗi ở bản cập nhật 19.0.10 của phiên bản progeCAD 2019 như dưới đây

  • Fixed crash occurring while creating an alias with empty name
  • Fixed esnap on degenerated polyline with 0 lenght and with various overlapped vertex 
  • Fixed SINGLETON variable with double click, now SINGLETON variable is taken into account when double clicking on multiple dwg files
  • Added a message in _SOLIDEDIT command
  • Fixed import of localized PGP
  • Fixed wrong polar tracking tooltip when ucs is not world
  • Excluded file types with multiple extensions from File Find Dialog
  • Fixed ortho turned off after _DIMORDINATE command
  • Added again automatic set of mtext’s width (if it was equal to 0) but added also a control to set back to 0 the mtext’s width if it was not edited
  • Added some tooltips in IMAGEATTACH Dialog
  • Fixed HANG editing MTEXT from property palette: avoid double entering in edit function that causes exceptions and wrong resource handle settings
  • Avoided unhandled exception in property palette moving a MLEADER entityFixed “invalid input” using _MATCHPROP on solid hatches
  • Fixed leader’s last segment’s position changing with mtext justification
  • Fixed not refreshing viewport when a layer inside was freezed or thawed
  • Fixed “Initial_focus” DCL property, now it manages also text in editbox
  • Added management of image’s drawing units inside _IMAGEATTACH dialog
  • Fixed print of point clouds switching white from RGB color to color index 7
  • Added alias for command PURGE
  • Fixed wrong zoom after “_ZOOM > object” in paper space
  • Fixed print window in specific drawing 
  • Fixed creation of hatches in drawings with architectural units with dynamic input. Now dynamic input angular text box accepts also other type of units
  • Fixed _MATCHPROP not applying source hatches’ background color to destination hatches
  • Fixed message box appearing for every selected entity when an invalid input was inserted in the property palette
  • Fixed freeze/crash caused by INSERT’s dialog preview
  • Handle Properties Group when using Enter to move from one property to the next one
  • Added ToolTip String Resources for Refedit Preview Dialog
  • Changed QSAVE behavior. Now QSAVE will always use Default Save Format
  • Implemented ToolTips for buttons in Refedit Preview Dialog
  • Fixed properties combos using SELECTIONPREVIEW : removed update of combo when cursor is hover entities with SELECTIONPREVIEW = 3
  • Handled UNITS system variable in TableStyle 
  • improved CSV import procedure in Create Table Dialog
  • In the Publish dialog, “Add Drawing” now handles .dxf files
  • In the Publish dialog, a warning message is displayed before removing all sheets
  • Minor UI tweaks in Publish dialog
  • Improved speed of both raster image dialog and save command with many raster images located (or missing) on network path
  • Fixed move of dimensions that modifies dimension entities
  • Fixed ENTER on dcl dialog: Implemented “multi_edit_box” tile for multiline. Fixed “accept_value” attribute for “edit_box”
  • MARKERS command, removed bug in marking with text style with fixed height
  • Fixed plot dialog losing focus adding new page setup
  • Fixed change of dimensions moving or copying: changed recompute algorithm to manage text outside of extension lines. Fixed vertical text in several conditions
  • Fixed TTR circle that wasn’t working well when UCS is different from World 
  • Fixed creation of associative dimensions
  • Fixed _DWFIN command not recognized
  • Fixed wrong alignment in the preview of gradient hatch in _HATCHEDIT
  • Added preview of transparency and layer switch during _HATCHEDIT
  • Fixed not set of layer from _HATCHEDIT dialog
  • Fixed not set of transparency from _HATCHEDIT dialog
  • Changed column order in _LMAN (switched lock and freeze columns to be in the same order as in layer palette)

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